About us

Van der Dijk Horticulture is the art, science and practice of growing the greens, garden cultivation and management. Accompanied by master planning and modern technology, we give a better understanding of the term.

Water management is the management of water resources which, once an abundant natural resource, is now preciously rare due to droughts and misuse. Applying smart technology, facility management and software development we are well-equipped for confronting the issue.

Information Technology is, simply said, the application of computers to store, retrieve, transmit and manipulate data. With the IT industry evolution, it comprehends transistors and integrated circuits. This means advanced capability in the service of cost and energy consumption reduction.

IT encompasses both physical equipment or hardware and operating systems and applications or software. To perform essential functions, architectures, methodologies, use and storage of data management in special fields of Horticulture, Water Management and Solar Project our business applications including databases like SQL Server, transactional systems, email and Web servers, customer relationship management and enterprise resource planning systems are there to execute your desired program and consolidate your business purpose.

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